The right choice for all your Hyundai repairs and service.

-Hyundai trained mechanic on duty! Licensed insured and certified.

-Mobile repairs! We come to you or you can come to us. If your Hyundai requires a large repair that is better performed in shop we will tow your Hyundai to our repair facility at no charge.

-We have access to Hyundai specific and information, TSB’s, diagrams, and repair producers.

-We have experience with both common and uncommon Hyundai problems and services. This saves you time, money, and headache

Common problems While we love the Hyundai there some common failures that we are very familiar with and are able to fix quickly and efficiently saving you time and money.

– Check Engine Light: Ranging from (EVAP) Evaporate emission control systems (Yes we own a smoke machine and bi directional scan tool to properly diagnose and repair these problems.) all the way to a check engine light on from a misfire. Common reasons are cracked spark plugs, bad coils, base engine problems.

– Transmission Shifting Problems: Simple and common problems are transmission fluid quality, level. and fluid that is not Hyundai approved. More complex but also common shifting problems include needing updated adaptive programming information, transmission failure, problems shifting from 2nd-3rd gear. Speed sensor problems and more.

– Starting and Stalling Problems: Crank angle sensor problems are huge! Starter problems, Timing problems and more.

– Hyundai has a lot of small silly stuff too like no sound from speakers, rough idle, power window problems, power steering noises, charging problems and a small hand full of other small things.

Overall we have found Hyundai to be a mostly reliable affordable brand.

Give us a chance to show you our knowledge and love of Hyundai.

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