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Tune Ups

What is a Tune Up? 
Now that is a question that seems to change more each year. In the past tune ups simply consisted of changing spark plugs, ignition wires maybe setting the timing, checking points… simple things. Now with the complexity of engines and operating systems on vehicles tune ups and what a tune up consists has changed and continues to change. There’s still spark plugs in most vehicles and few still have ignition wires and distributor cap and rotor but in today’s cars carburetors are thing of the past we’ve gone to fuel injection and direct injection The fuel system has become a part of a tuneup. now were replacing fuel filters and cleaning injectors. General maintenance like fluid flushes, filters and inspections have never been more important.


How do I know if my car needs a tune up? 
1. If you notice or suspect a decrease in fuel economy and mileage. 
2. If your car is running rough, miss firing, popping, or stalling at stops these could all be signs that you might just need a simple tune up. 
3. A lack of power 
4. The check engine light or service engine soon light that stays on after your vehicle has been started. 
5. If you’re coming up on factory recommended maintenance intervals. 
All vehicles are not created equal. Every engine needs specific maintenance and upkeep. We can help you determine what services will be needed to keep your car running and properly maintained. Give us a call today @ 971.241.7057 We will be happy to answer any question that you might have about your cars needs. 
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Mention that you read through this page and recive a free air filter with any tune up. Up to a $20 value.

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