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Not all vehicles have a timing belt some have chains and others even run on just gears. The most common way that today’s automotive engines are ran are with what’s called a timing belt.

So what does the belt do?
Timing belts are what link the cam or cams and crank shaft together and keep the engine running like a Swiss watch as they say! Specifically, a timing belt rotates the engine’s camshaft, which helps open and close valves that bring air and fuel into the cylinder heads and pull exhaust out. A timing belt keeps the engine in time.

Interference or Non Interference?
Engines that use timing belts have two different basic engineering designs: an interference type and a noninterference type. If a timing belt in an interference engine breaks, it will likely damage internal engine parts. If the timing belt in a noninterference engine breaks, the engine will cease running but will not incur internal damage. We have seen where cars that were interference break and everything is ok. We have also seen where a noninterference engine can break and there be engine damage. Both occurrences are rare but can happen.

Replacement is required!
Timing belts require periodic replacement in order for your engine to run properly. Replacement varies from every make and model of car. See owner’s manual or give us a call!

Can we replace your belt onsite?
Yes! We can come to you and replace your belt, seals, tensioner, and water pump.

Why replace the seals, tensioner, and water pump too?
It is industry standard to replace your engines cam and crank seals, timing belt tensioner, and water pump when doing your timing belt because of the over lapping labor and large amount of time that it takes to repair a timing belt. Most times replacing the water pump and seals adds less than an hour to the job because you have the engine torn down so far to replace the belt.

What kind of warranty do you provide when replacing my belt?
We offer the exact warranty that the manufacture offers on the belt and that can vary from 60k to just over 100K and a lifetime warranty on the water pump and seals! Give us a call today for a quote and details! If you have questions please call! We offer free advice and always do our best to help you.

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