Pre-Purchase Inspections Car, Truck, and RV Inspections

Give us a call and we will come inspect a car you are contemplating buying. We check the brakes, steering, chassis for wear or signs of abuse. We check all fluid levels and quality. Also check the computer for any present or stored codes. If we find more as we go through them we will let you know. Be wise before you buy.

Our vehicle inspections include but are not limited to:
* A Full Visual Inspection 
We always start our vehicle inspections with a comprehensive visual. Looking at the body, chassis, suspension, engine, brake, fuel and exhaust systems. Inspecting for dents, rust, wear, noises, engine leaks, bad mounts, prior accidents, fluid levels, tires, lights etc.
* Computer Diagnostic Check
We check the vehicles computer for codes. We also check to see that the computers codes have not been cleared recently. We check the computers readiness monitors to make sure that all systems have ran and past. We also look at the computer data stream for any  irregularities and confirm whether the vehicle is operating in proper fuel control or not. 
* Test Drive
Our technicians will perform a quick test drive looking for anything out of the ordinary any noises vibrations break squeaks etc.
* Car Specific Inspection
Every make and model of vehicle has its own set of quirks and problem areas we perform countless vehicle inspections yearly so we can really hone in to your particular make and model of vehicle and look over those trouble areas. Example Subaru’s are known for head gasket problems. Chevy and GM products are known for intake gasket problems and the list goes on. 
Our vehicle inspections cost $135 and can be performed on site. Please get phone pricing for RV, Diesel and equipment needing inspected.  
Please give McFarland’s Mobile Mechanics a call with any questions or to set up an appointment 971.241.7057
With service trucks running from Portland, Hillsboro, Tigard, Salem and everywhere in between we can fit you in same-day most times. 

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