Ford Car and Truck Repairs A Real Dealership Alternative

Do you have Ford truck problems?

We have a ton of experience with Ford truck and car repairs.

* General Maintenance and Repairs.

* Computer Diagnosis and repairs.

*Reprogramming and computer relearns

* Spark Plugs Break Off in the Head or Pops Out of the Head. We have correct extractor and re thread kit and have a technician that has done this repair many times!

* Engine Running Rough. Fords have had a lot of problems with coils, cam phaser, chain problems, injectors and much more. We have you covered with the correct scan and scope tools and are able to find hard and soft misfires.

* Transmission Problems. Sometimes transmission problems are just a simple flash or minor problem other times the transmission needs rebuilt or replaced. Either way we are able to properly diagnose and repair Ford transmission problems.

* Timing Chain and Guide Problems. We own the proper timing tools for timing chain and phaser repairs.

* Windows/Windshield Problems These kind of problems were most common on the 04 F150 but we have seen window problems on other Ford trucks and cars.

* Access to Ford factory and factory equivalent repair manuals and scan tools.

*Help passing DEQ and emission problems

* Real repair warranty’s on parts and labor.

If its Ford we are asking that you give us a chance to earn your business.

Please call McFarland’s Mobile Mechanics and ask for Jim or Beau.

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# 541-324-0434

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