Electrical System Repair

When it comes down to electrical repair and you’re vehicle, sometimes it can be very stressful. We understand that stress, and understand what it takes to diagnose, report and fix. At McFarland’s we will repair only what we know is necessary, we will advise you of other current issues we find during the diagnosis, without pressuring you.

Our friendly office staff and ASE certified mechanics can and will explain to you what is happening with your electrical issues and tell you what it takes to fix it, we won’t start until you fully understand and give us the thumbs up.

Your vehicles electrical starting system consists of three main components: battery, alternator and starter. There are many little bits and pieces in between, but that’s what were here for, to conveniently come to you and take care of whatever may the issue be.

With today vehicles all your systems can be controlled by computers. Even the little things like your radio. We have industry leading information systems, scan and scoping computers, training, and tools. All of this means we are able to find and fix your car faster and at a reasonable price.

Whether your car stalled and shut down in downtown Portland or in your own driveway, we can come to you and get your vehicle back on the road.

If your classic car needs rewired or just some wiring help don’t worry we have a few guys that absolutely love working on these kind of problems and have a ton of experience with classics.


Call us today for help with your electrical system problems. – 971-241-7057

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