July 2012 Deal of the Month

Posted by Kevin on Sunday, July 1, 2012

For the month of July and to kick off my website I am offering $25 dollars off a total fuel system service. Using MotorVac CarbonClean.

How MotorVac CarbonClean Works

MotorVac’s two-line cleaning system connects to the engine using vehicle specific adapters, temporarily replacing the vehicles fuel system. During the first cleaning phase (with the engine off) the system circulates MotorVac’s powerful yet safe proprietary cleaning MV3 detergent mixed with gasoline through the components of the engines fuel system. This phase safely dissolves contaminants, gum and varnish deposits, capturing them in the unit’s ten micron filter. The air intake plenum, throttle body and intake runners are cleaned utilizing the ICS kit in conjunction with the foaming MV4 detergent. During the second cleaning phase (engine running), the injector screens, intake & exhaust valves, top of pistons, combustion chamber, oxygen sensor, and catalytic converter are cleaned. This safely dissolves and removes most of the soft carbon deposits, passing them harmlessly out with the exhaust.

The proper steps in fuel injector system service are:

  • Check fuel pump operating pressure and volume.
  • Test pressure regulator for operation and leakage.
  • Flush entire fuel rail and upper fuel injector screens to include pressure regulator.
  • Clean fuel injectors.
  • Decarbon engine assembly.
  • Clean throttle plate and idle air control (IAC) passages.
  • Check minimum air flow rate and adjust if needed.
  • Relearn onboard computer.

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