February 2013 Deal of the Month

Posted by Kevin on Friday, February 1, 2013

For February I am offering Power Steering flushes for $30 instead of the usual $65 with any service call. Thats more than half off. Just mention this ad when scheduling your appointment.

Why do I need to flush my Power Steering Fluid?

Fresh power steering fluid is clean and clear. Dirty, neglected power steering fluid can look like used engine oil and can compromise the performance of your steering system, and in some cases, even cause damage. If you haven’t serviced your power steering system lately, now’s the time to do something about it.

McFarlands Mobile can provide you with an assessment of your power steering system, to let you know how often you should be flushing the power steering fluid.

Benefits of a Power Steering Flush Service

A Cleaner, better running engine gives you:

  • Less Noise and Decreased Steering effort
  • Increased steering effectiveness
  • Keep seals soft and help prevent leakage and wear
  • Prevent expensive repairs of power steering components


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